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Get Over It (maybe not all of it)

Brenda Johnson’s life was predictable until a sunny autumn Saturday when her husband said, “I’m not happy. I don’t know what that means, but I’m just not happy.” Her daughters grown and gone, Brenda was looking forward to more time with her husband. Stunned by this October surprise, she climbed on her bike and pedaled to the farmers market.


When Brenda began to live  alone, life was normal. She moved into each day with music from the last, but sadness lingered too long for a reasonable divorce with no malice, theft, or slander. Weary of her own tears and tired of sadness, Brenda’s mantra became, “Get over it!” The stories in this memoir, both before and after divorce, are sprinkled with humor and sorrow, familiar to anyone who has experienced loss.

I am a Montana native with a love of Big Sky and a powerful sense of place. Today I hike, bike, ski, and garden in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and visit Montana often. I like to observe how people negotiate their lives, in and out of particular geographies, cultures, challenges, and rewards. There is no end to observing the rich human condition, complete with joys and sorrows, boredom and excitement, to illuminate my own. More About Me

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